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      Benefits of Butcher Blocks

      Hand crafted from the highest quality domestic lumber, our end grain butcher blocks offer incredible durability alongside unparalleled cutting performance. Weather you are breaking down large proteins, or finely slicing and chopping vegetables, a stable, flat cutting surface is essential to success. Built to last a lifetime, our butcher blocks are designed to stand up to years of daily use.

      Why End Grain

      End grain butcher blocks are constructed from many smaller blocks of wood oriented vertically. This vertical orientation of the wood fibers offers many benefits over standard cutting surfaces. End grain cutting surfaces last considerably longer than their edge grain counterparts because the edge of the knife is able to slide between the vertical fibers of the wood without severing them. This allows the fibers to return to their original position when the knife is removed, without permanently cutting any of the wood fibers. End grain is also highly resistant to gouging or deformation.

      Better for Knives

      Due to the fact that the edge of the knife is able to slide between the individual wood fibers without cutting them, end grain butcher blocks have less of a dulling effect on knives than edge grain or synthetic cutting boards. This allows your knives to stay sharp and continue to produce precise, clean cuts much longer than they would if used on any another cutting surface.

      Benefits Of Quarter-Sawn Lumber

      All wood begins its life as a tree, however not all lumber is created equally. When milling dimensional lumber from a whole log, there are three common techniques used today, rift, quarter, and flat sawing. The difference between the three is the orientation of the growth rings in the log to the cut being made. The growth rings in flat-sawn lumber are nearly parallel to the face of the board while quarter-sawn and rift-sawn lumber is cut in such a way that the growth rings are nearly perpendicular to the face of the board. This perpendicular grain orientation offers more resistance to warping and cupping than traditional flat sawn lumber.


      Extra Small 385mm x 280mm x 60mm (15.2" x 11.0" x 2.4")
      Small 440mm x 320mm x 60mm (17.3" x 12.6" x 2.4")
      Medium 495mm x 360mm x 60mm (19.5" x 14.2" x 2.4")
      Large 550mm x 400mm x 60mm (21.7" x 15.7" x 2.4")
      Extra Large 605mm x 440mm x 60mm (23.8" x 17.3" x 2.4")

      Wood Species Info

      Species Scientific Name Place of Origin
      Walnut Juglans Hindsii Central California, United States
      Hard Maple Acer Saccharum West Virginia, United States

      Key Features

      • Built form high quality Quarter-Sawn lumber
      • Durable end grain construction
      • Constructed with Type III waterproof, food safe glue
      • Finished with food safe Polymerized Linseed and Oil and BeesWax
      • Available with rubber feet or double sided
      • Inset handles on both ends for an easy grip

      Use and Care

      This piece was finished with a mix of Polymerized Linseed and Oil and BeesWax, to keep it looking its best, please avoid:

      • Exposure to Extreme Heat or Cold
      • Soaking in Water
      • The Dishwasher

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