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      Small 375mm x 300mm x 20mm (14.75" x 11.8" x .75")
      Large 500mm x 400mm x 20mm (19.5" x 15.75" x .75")

      Wood Species Info

      Species Scientific Name Place of Origin
      Walnut Juglans Hindsii Central California, United States
      Hard Maple Acer Saccharum West Virginia, United States

      Key Features

      • Built form high quality domestic lumber
      • Constructed with Type III waterproof, food safe glue
      • Finished with food safe Polymerized Linseed and Oil and BeesWax

      Use and Care

      This piece was finished with a mix of Polymerized Linseed and Oil and BeesWax, to keep it looking its best, please avoid:

      • Exposure to Extreme Heat or Cold
      • Soaking in Water
      • The Dishwasher