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  • Custom #101 - 7" Hawaiian Koa Bowl
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Custom #101 - 7" Hawaiian Koa Bowl

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Turned from a stunning piece of old-growth Hawaiian Koa, this calabash inspired bowl combines elegance and function, making this masterpiece not only beautiful but useful as well.  Loved for its chatoyancy, grain figure and dramatic color changing properties, Hawaiian Koa is one of the most beautiful woods on the planet.  Dark black streaks break up golden-brown tones that shift to red-rust hues as the lighting changes; this small bowl is truly stunning.
Detailed Info
Hawaiian Koa Facts
Use and Care
Detailed Info
Material Hawaiian Koa
Scientific Name Acacia Koa
Place of Origin Hawaii, United States
Dimensions 7" x 7" x 3"
Wall Thickness 1"
Weight 3lb
Hawaiian Koa Facts

Dramatic Colors and Beautiful Figure

Hawaiian Koa is known worldwide for its dramatic colors and beautiful figure; this piece features golden-brown to red-orange rust colored streaks that change hue depending on the lighting alongside some nearly black streaks. Contrasting bands in the growth rings add to Hawaiian Koa's dramatic look, displaying ribbon-like streaks of bright reds and oranges alongside deep browns and golds.

From the Mountains of Hawaii

Although Koa is naturally quite abundant on the islands of Hawaii, most Koa forests have been cleared for grazing pastures; and since young Koa seedlings are edible for grazing animals, most new trees are prevented from growing to lumber-harvestable size. As a result, mature Koa trees are either scarce, or in hard-to-access mountainous locations, making harvesting operations difficult and time consuming.

Use and Care

This piece was finished with a mix of Polymerized Linseed and Oil and BeesWax, to keep it looking its best, please avoid:

  • Soaking in Water
  • Exposure to Extreme Heat or Cold
  • The Dishwasher
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